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A new kind of Airbnb has launched in Ontario and it could give car rental companies a run for their money. The app is called RideAlike and it’s described as a “premium vehicle sharing hub” where Ontarians can swap, rent, and share their cars. __Read More

RideAlike is a user-friendly platform that offers quick and easy car rental experiences, along with up to $2 million in insurance, for both vehicle renters and car owners in Ontario. __Read More

Car fanatics rejoice! RideAlike, the self-proclaimed “Airbnb of cars”, launched its app in July 2021 and is providing a unique opportunity for drivers across Ontario. Car owners, or “hosts’, can list their car for rent, and “guests” can rent their desired car for an extended period of time. __Read More

You’ve heard of peer-to-peer home rental apps like Airbnb and VRBO, but did you know you can do this with cars now? Canadian startup, RideAlike, a premium vehicle sharing hub where users can share, rent and swap vehicles is the latest one to hit Ontario. Through a vetted and trusted community, easily rent out your car to others and earn extra cash while your car would usually sit dormant. __Read More

RELEASE — Canadian startup, RideAlike, a premium vehicle sharing hub where a trusted community of users share, rent and swap vehicles — think Airbnb for cars — (have) announced their launch in Ontario. __Read More

RideAlike is a Canadian company that offers a vehicle-sharing marketplace for both owners and renters. We spoke with Zelani, Co-Founder, to find out more about them. __Read More

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